T-Bone drove them to the campus of the University of Arizona to Yavapai Hall, home of Laura Shoals. The sun had come out and everything on the campus looked clean and fresh.
“I went to school here, you know?” T-Bone commented after parking on South Campus Drive and putting the cruiser’s lights on. “And the parking has always been full. It’s fun to be able to annoy some people now.”
Sam rolled her eyes and got out of the car.
Yavapai Hall had an historic air about it, with it’s curved entrance way and brick construction. The Residents’ Assistant at the front desk directed them up the stairs to the fourth floor. The hallway had an old smell to it too, sort of a mix of dust and cigarettes.
At Sam’s knock, they heard “Oh shit, hold on!” from the room. The door opened a crack, showing them a short black-haired girl wearing a dog collar.
“Yeah? Who are you?”
Sam showed her badge and asked if they could come in.
“Err, no?”
Sam raised her eyebrow and looked both ways down the hall, which wasn’t very wide. “You want to talk in the hall?”
A male voice came from the room, “Who is it, babe?”
The face of a tall boy, with a thin mustache and a multicolored mohawk appeared about the girl’s head.
“Who the hell are you?” He demanded, opening the door wider.
T-Bone flipped out his badge and almost shoved it in the boy’s face.
“Who the hell is asking?”
The girl stepped back and let them in. “Oh, sorry.”
Sam had been in bigger closets. On the right-hand wall, there were two permanently installed bunk beds. On the left wall, a counter with two worn chairs stretched from the door to the window. On the farthest desk area, instead of the expected school books, there was a piece of black velvet, a chunk of crystal, and an incense burner. A tiny refrigerator sat under a tapestry-covered window, which seemed to be the entirety of the kitchen. The tapestry had some sort of tribal design that looked sort of like a pentagram and a face.
“Are you Nina Sanchez?” Sam asked the girl.
“Yes.” Nina fidgeted. She pulled out a piece of gum and started to chew, open-mouthed, with a lot of snapping.
“And you are?” Sam finally said after she realized that T-Bone had stationed himself by the door and wasn’t going to help. Mohawk guy had similar tribal tattoos down his arm. He looked past her and didn’t answer.
Nina hit him in the arm. “This is Woden.”
“You live here, Woden?” T-Bone asked.
They had a staring contest and finally Woden nodded.
Sam held out a picture of Laura Shoals. She looked young and innocent with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and fashionable eyeglasses. “This your roommate?”
“Oh yeah, Laura.”
“Do you know where she is?”
“She moved out,” Woden said at Nina’s pause.
“Last week. Look, babe, I gotta run.” Woden took Nina in an embrace and gave her a lewd, slobbery kiss. Then he smacked her behind and started to walk out.
T-Bone stood in the doorway, baring his way.
“In a hurry?”