“Where’s that officer taking my boyfriend?” Nina asked as T-Bone firmly closed the dorm room door behind him.
Sam pulled out the nearest chair and sat. The chair wobbled.
“It’s detective and just out into the hallway to have a chat. Tell me about Woden.”
Nina sat on the bottom bunk and sighed.
“He’s really a nice guy, he just likes to be, ya know, tough.”
“He has an interesting name.”
“Oh, that’s just his nickname.” Nina blushed. “He wont tell me his real name.”
“Why not?”
Nina started to fidget. She looked at her hands and said, “He’s probably embarrassed.”
“Huh. How long have you two been dating?”
Nina looked up and smiled at this. “Only six weeks or so. Since school started.” She paused at that and swallowed. “You said you’re a detective?”
“Yes, don’t let the uniform confuse you. It’s an office thing.”
“Does that mean something’s happened to Laura?”
She looked a scared.
“Yes, something has happened to Laura.”
Nina covered her face. “Oh my god. He wasn’t lying. He really did get rid of her.”
Sam sat forward in her rocky chair. “Who did? Tell me what’s going on Nina.”
Nina slumped over and curled into a ball.
“I can’t. I can’t. He’ll hurt me.”
“Who will? Woden?”
Nina shook her head no, but didn’t answer.