Sam raced down the four flights of stairs to the side door of Yavapai Hall, her partner several feet ahead. The potential suspect they were chasing, a young man probably in his late teens/early twenties, had a few advantages. Youth – although Sam was only ten or so years older, length of leg – although T-Bone was taller, familiarity of surroundings, and a bicycle allowed the mohawked guy to ditch them as soon as they made it outside.
“Get the car, I’ll track him,” T-Bone called, racing off toward the Old Main building. Sam circled around past the front, where she ran into Nina.
“I told you to stay.”
“I’m not a dog.”
That set her back for a moment. “Huh, yeah. Your boyfriend ran. Why’d he do that?”
Nina shrugged.
Sam shook her head and continued toward the cruiser, only to find that some helpful citizen had called a tow truck. The tow driver has just finished hoisting up the rear of the sedan with his truck. The lights were still flashing.
Sam yelled at him. He froze for a moment and turned to her slowly.
“It’s against the rules,” he said, holding his hands out, as if she’d pulled a gun at him.
“Put the car down. Now.”
“But nothin’. Do you see this badge?”
The guy nodded.
“Do you see this girl?” Sam turned and grabbed Nina by the shirt. The guy nodded. “This girl needs to be in that car. So put it down.”
T-Bone pinged her on her cell a moment later.
“He’s gone. I’m headed to you.” He sounded like he was out of breath.
A “woop” of siren made her look around. The campus police pulled up, blocking the tow truck off.
“Great, ’cause I’m gonna be a moment.”
Nina started to giggle.