“What’s so funny?” Sam said, turning the girl to look at her. Nina appeared to be having a meltdown.
Despite laughing, tears ran down her face, making black mascara trails. Sam’s ire faded.
“I don’t wanna go to jail,” Nina said with a wail.
“You’re not going to jail. You’re going to the police station.”
“B-but why?”
“Because your boyfriend ran.”
T-Bone arrived then. Sam pointed him toward the campus police and the tow truck driver. He grunted and stomped off to straighten them out. Another vehicle pulled up and T-Bone cursed. The E-Witness News van pulled up behind the campus police. Joel Boveri jumped out and headed her way.
“Okay, Nina. This guy’s a jerk. If you value your freedom, don’t say a word.”
Nina nodded and shrank back behind Sam. Boveri had his camera man with him.
“Officer Wallace.”
“It’s Detective Wallace, Boveri. What are you doing here?”
Boveri directed the camera man to swing around to get a shot of Nina.
“Hey – leave her out of this,” Sam said, trying to position herself between the camera and Nina.
“Is she a suspect? Are you suspect?” Boveri stuck his microphone in Nina’s face.
“Nina,” Sam said.
“Well I’m not. I’m just her roommate.”
Boveri was all over that.
“Whose roommate? Are you being treated well by this officer?”
“Nina.” Nina finally looked at Sam, who gave the girl her best hairy-eye ball look. Nina pressed her lips together and was silent.
“Turn that camera off.” T-Bone could produce a wonderful, deep voice when he needed. The camera man jumped and turned his machine off.
“You following us, Boveri?” Sam asked.
“Yes. And you know why?”
“I’m afraid to ask,” T-Bone muttered.
“It’s the right of the public to know…” Boveri went on for a moment or two about free speech. Sam rolled her eyes at her partner, who mouthed “Taser.” Sam smirked.
“…Because you’re ‘possible homicide’ this morning wasn’t the first. And if you find the guy, I want to be there.”
“What was that?” Both Sam and T-Bone asked.