“From what I’ve found out, this morning’s body in the wash isn’t the first.” Joel Boveri, E-Witness News investigative reporter, gave them a superior look. He gestured his cameraman to start filming.
T-Bone gestured for the cameraman to stop, which he did. Boveri gave his camera man a look that said ‘coward.’ The camera man shrugged.
“If you know something, Mr. Boveri, I believe you are obligated to share it,” Sam said and fingered her taser.
Nina hiccoughed and whispered, “Body? You found Laura’s body?”
The campus police car’s siren “wooped.” It wanted the E-Witness News van to get out of the tow truck’s way. A group of curious students were starting to form near Yavapai Hall’s front door.
“Okay,” Sam said, pointing at Boveri, “You follow us to the station. We need to have this discussion somewhere more private.”
Boveri tilted his head. “As you wish.”
He and the camera man returned to the van.
“Come on, Nina.” Sam took the girl’s arm and lead her to the now liberated police cruiser. T-Bone got in to drive. As they left, the campus police started to usher the gawkers away.

Back at the station, T-Bone booked two conference rooms; one for Bovari and one for Nina. Standing in the hallway outside of the rooms, he pulled a quarter from his pocket and said, “Tails you get the reporter.”
“Oh great,” Sam said.
“Wallace, Ochoa.” Captain Hurley strode up to them. “Report.”
“The reporter from E-Witness news says there are more dead bodies.” Sam indicated the conference room to her right, “And the roommate seems to know more than what she’s said so far. Her boyfriend was a runner.”
Hurley’s mustache quivered, like a cartoon walrus, and he patted his stomach absently.
“Campus police are looking for him,” T-Bone added.
“Good. Ochoa, find out what that reporter knows and what he wants. He’s already made chumps of the TPD this morning – don’t let him do it again.”
T-Bone nodded and went into see Boveri.
“Wallace, let’s get this roommate to talk.” The Captain opened the door and barreled in.
Sam caught Nina’s look of fright before she turned to close the door.