So once again I’ve run aground upon the shoals of indecision. I think I know who the killer is, but my editor brain is now interfering with my writing the actual story of Sam and T-Bone catching that person.
“More red herrings” “More clues” “You didn’t describe that last scene well enough” “What about the mirror moment? You gotta have that”

Shut up brain
I suppose published writers have made their peace with their editor brains. Mine seems to have shut the muse brain down completely.

So – I’m taking a break to write this one post about how I can’t write.

Other things. My apartment roof leaks. I may have mentioned that before. At first the apartment complex people were very responsive to my needs. But now, they don’t even email me back. I have to go to the office to get any acknowledgement – and that’s a PITA (my friend Amy’s polite term).
I should move. I should get a lawyer of some sort and break my lease. Also a PITA and expensive. Sigh.
I guess I should be pleased that I do not own the roof and have to pay for the roofing company.

Have a wonderful day, y’all.