“Laura was just a random roommate. You know, you just get what you get and hope it works out,” Nina told Captain Hurley. Sam took notes. She’d wanted to interview Nina but Hurley gave her a raised eyebrow that communicated several things: Hurley thought he was better at interviewing, Sam and Ochoa were still in trouble for being stuck at the crime scene and being filmed, Hurley thought he could take over. Technically, the last part was true as he was her boss, but the others were hubris and perception on his part.
“Did you like her?”
Nina shrugged, “She was nice enough.”
“She was a goodie goodie, ya’ know. She’d spent her summer babysitting kids in Nigeria or some BFE place.”
“She was a babysitter? Maybe she was watching someone’s kid last night,” Sam said. Hurley glared at her for interrupting.
“Where were you at 2:13 last night?” Hurley asked.
“This morning, he means.” Sam clarified.
“A.M.? In bed.” Nina’s eyes went to Captain Hurley’s badge and she quickly added, “With Woden. We were totally in bed in my dorm room.”
“And this Woden guy is your boyfriend?”
“Yes. He’ll confirm that’s where we were.”
“Woden ran, Nina,” Sam reminded her.
Her face fell and she looked at her hands.
Hurley called for a pow-wow outside of the room.
“Book her,” he said.