“Why didn’t you report this to someone earlier?” T-Bone asked Joel Boveri. Boveri picked up the pen he’d been using and tapped it on the legal pad. The conference room seemed close to Sam, like an elevator. She sat between Hurley and Boveri, both of whom made her twitch.
“The Policia Federal Ministrial and the United States FBI were informed, but the local Nogales police – on both sides of the border – wanted to keep it secret. You know, you just can’t have a monster out there killing people – it’s bad for business.”
“And you think it is a monster – not a human?” Hurley asked. His mustache vibrated and Sam imagined he was looking forward to reading the crazy act to this joker.
Bovier reached into his satchel and pulled out some drawings.
“My sister drew these after her dream last night.”
The drawings were made with orange crayon on notebook paper. “The crayon was all she could find when she woke up.”
Despite the less-than-fine lines, it was a pretty good likeness of a human face with a dog’s snout.
“Werewolf?” T-Bone said and traded an amused look with Sam.
“Dog-boy or Coyote-boy. That’s what she’s been calling it.”
“Does your sister do drugs, Mr. Boveri? Has she been to a psychologist?” T-Bone asked.
“She is a psychologist. And no, she doesn’t even drink. She’s a health enthusiast.”
“I thought you said she was a psychic,” Sam said, glancing at Hurley. Hurley kept his mouth shut.
Boveri shrugged. “Psychics don’t get paid a lot.”
He gave T-Bone his sister’s cards. He glanced at them and passed them to Sam and Hurley to look at.
“Gina Boveri-Hernandez, Ph.D. and Madam Boveri, psychic counselor. Thank you, Mr. Boveri,” Hurley said. He pointed to the map that T-Bone had spread out. “Could you point out the general locations of the other bodies?”
Sam glanced at T-Bone. Hurley was taking this very calmly. T-Bone shrugged a shoulder, indicating that he didn’t know what to expect from their boss.