Boveri pointed out the general locations where the other bodies were found. The pattern seemed to suggest the killer (if it was the same killer) was moving north using the major washes.
“Tell us about the victims,” Hurley said in a way that made Sam dart a quick look at her boss’ face. Yes, he seemed to think Joel Boveri, reporter of E-Witness News, was a suspect. Joel, however, seemed oblivious.
“You people – police that is – haven’t told me anything. I don’t know who the victims are – which is why I was following these two around.” He gestured to Sam and T-Bone. “So I assume the victim this time is a U of A student since that’s where they were.”
Hurley’s mustache quivered.
“Your sister’s dream didn’t give her any other information?” Sam asked. “No impressions of the victims?”
Joel shook his head. “They are all first-person dreams. The terror happens to her, as if she is in the mind of the victim.”
Joel gave her a look of gratitude for her understanding. But Sam didn’t really understand.
“I’ll contact the Nogales police and see what I can find out,” T-Bone told Hurley. He turned to Boveri and picked up the drawing. “Mind if we keep this?”
“Not at all.”
“I’ll show you out, Mr. Boveri. Please call us if you find anything or if your sister has another dream.”
T-Bone showed Boveri out, leaving Sam and Hurley in the conference room. Hurley didn’t say anything, so Sam kept her mouth shut. T-Bone returned a moment later, grinning and waving the drawing around.
“Dog-boy! Dios mio. What do you think, Captain?”
Hurley studied the map and the drawing for a moment and scratched his chin.
‘That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence’. I think some background information is needed on Boveri and his artistic sister. But keep an open mind. Ever since that London affair, things in this world are a little wonky.” He turned to Sam. “Find out what that girl knows.”
Sam nodded.
Hurley left.
“The London affair?” T-Bone raised his eyebrows.
“You remember – people dressed up as werewolves and attacked a pub on the outskirts of London last Halloween.”
“Yeah – but it was proven that they were people and not werewolves, although no one could explain the quick face change. I thought it was a hoax.”
“Maybe Hurley knows something we don’t?”
T-Bone blew out his breath. “Weird.”