Sam returned to the conference room where she found Nina texting on her phone.
“You texting with Woden?”
Nina looked up, her eyes wide. “N-no.” She put her phone face down on the table and folded her hands on top of it. “No, I’m not texting with him.”
Sam smirked and held out her hand.
Nina sighed and handed the phone over.
“R u ok?” Sam read the texts aloud. “‘Y. What happ w/ police?’ ‘Askd qs. Told them nothing.’ Oh, he just texted back, ‘good.'”
Sam smiled at Nina. “Thank you, Nina, for confirming that you were lying. Have you heard the term ‘obstruction of justice’?”
Nina blanched.
“Yep. So here’s what we’re gonna do. You will ask Woden where he is and TPD go pick him up. In addition, you will tell me everything you know about your roommate.”
Nina frowned, swallowed hard, and said, “What’s in it for me?”
“I admire your bravery and your loyalty, kid, but they are misplaced. I won’t charge you with obstruction if you do those things I asked and you truthfully answer all of my questions. That is what I will do for you. Otherwise, I’m booking you and you get to call your lawyer.”
“I don’t have a lawyer.”
“Well then. Wouldn’t it be easier just to do what I ask?” Sam put her hands on her hips. Liars came in all sizes and shapes. Even news reporters.
Nina took back the phone and Sam stood over her while she texted, ‘where r u?’
A reply came back a moment later, ‘@ mom’s. Ty missing again.’
“Where is his mother’s and who is Ty?”
“His mom’s house is over on the east side. Ty’s his little special needs brother. He didn’t tell me, but I suspected he hired Laura to babysit, but I didn’t lie. He told me he was going to get rid of her. We have this, I don’t know, fantasy thing. He pretends to be a bad ass rebel and I pretend not to know that he’s a straight A physics major.”
“What’s his real name?”
“He doesn’t know that I know, so please don’t tell him you heard it from me. Ogden Kapinski.”
Sam wrote that down. Kapinski, where did I hear that name?