So, it’s that time again to post about what I want to do. Actually, I post about what I want to do fairly regularly. Alas, I don’t actually do those things. Maybe this year. Ha.
In light of a recent trip to San Diego, where I had hopes for one simple thing to happen – which didn’t of course – I hereby reaffirm my intention to not have expectations about situations or people.
That being said, I think that I am turning more catlike as I age. That is, when I want affection I want affection. When I don’t want affection, I don’t want it. I don’t hate you – I just don’t want it. This is a change from the past when I was definitely doglike in my devotion. Dogs love you no matter what kind of abuse you hand out. You bark too much – out you go into the yard. You eat the leftover turkey abandoned on the table – outside you go. Good dog, head-pat, and outside you go. Willingly and with a wag.
Cats don’t put up with that.
You want to pet me, that’s cool. If I’m not into it – I’ll bite you. If I want to be petted, you’d better or I’ll pee in your shoe. I’m going out when I want, and I’m going to eat your turkey on the table, and you are just gonna have to deal. Meow.
If only life were that simple.
No wait – it is. Ha.

I hope your next year is prosperous, full of fun, peaceful, and fulfilling.