Whine alert.
And so here I am at the last week of February after working on Febstormo (February Story Month). Fail. Anyway, I’m not finished with my story but I certainly am not going to make my 20K goal. And my writing challenge partner is not either. I think because it wasn’t the real thing (re: nanowrimo) and it was less words (by 30K), we blew off some days. Yep. I admit it. I’ve blown off writing and now it’s going to make me pay.
I got my “proof of real intent” or some such thing from RWA. It’s an email with a link to upload a finished romance novel to prove that I am seriously pursuing my writing career. Fear me! Yes, I submitted a finished manuscript – two actually. One I know is a romance story that is complete. The other is complete ish (needs lots of rewrites) but it’s not really romance centered. Not sure what the center is – addiction perhaps, redemption maybe. Anyway – I expect to get the “thanks but not quite” email in 14 days. In that case I will be an “Associate Member” who has all the benies of being a full member except voting and some other minor things. Why sweat it then?
I’m embarrassed I guess. I’ve been an RWA member since 2006 and haven’t written anything romantic enough to consider it “romance.” I don’t actually believe in romance, so it’s hard to write about it. I believe other people have romances and are romantic. Not me. I will eventually write a story about lost love and the eternal search (I even have some of that plotted).
And moving on.
Tomorrow will be a better day. I will write. You will write. We’ll all write together (yet separately), hey!