Wednesday, July 13, 2016
I slept in until 6:30, which is a major accomplishment for me. Go team!
The hotel is at the convention center, which is downtown San Diego, next to the Gaslamp district. There’s a grocery store about a block away, so I went there to get breakfast stuff and snacks. Friday and Saturday there are breakfasts, but the rest of the mornings it is fend for oneself. Not that the hotel doesn’t have restaurants and room service – it does, but I need to try to save a little money. I’ve been spending like a fiend and my credit card is either going to love me or hate me after this. Worth it.
Went for a walk in the park next to Seaport Village, and then through Seaport Village. Took some pictures but I’m not sure they turned out very well. My picture juju seems to have run dry. Hopefully I have that fixed before Comic Con. Purchased some shell earrings.
Got in contact with N, who invited me out to lunch in Kensington – which turned out to be 15 minutes away. So I arrived early and parked in the wrong place. Started to walk and fond a thrift store. Purchased a spoon (for my cereal – I’d used an empty half-n-half container as a spoon earlier to eat my cereal out of a coffee cup) and a blue crochet dress (didn’t try it on). Found the restaurant and meet N. N’s friend from Florida has just moved to SD, so she was there too. Tina. I like her. She works in the hotel industry and will be joining us for the CC adventure. It’ll be good for N to have some additional companionship. N was kind enough to allow me to park out in front of her house for the remainder of my hotel stay – for the hotel charges $47 for valet parking and $32 for park-u-self per day, which seems a little steep.
Got back to the hotel to realize that I was 15 minutes late for my first meeting – newbie orientation, so no time to try on the new dress. Arrived at orientation and sat in front of two ladies from my local chapter – which was nice. We exchanged phone numbers and I hung out with them for a bit. Look out for your own, eh? After the orientation, which went too long in my mind, I went upstairs, changed into the dress – which fits perfectly – and back down to the literacy signing event. This event was open to the public and included romance authors of great renown, like Nora Roberts and Syliva Day. So, one of the chapter ladies (Christy) and I stood in line for a Nora signing and picture. Before then, I was in line to get into the event I met a lovely author named Claire Marti. She was very cool. I hope to run into her again. There was also a lady passing out flyers for a movie she’d done about the romance industry.
Back to Nora. Line, boring, whatever. Didn’t actually have much conversation and no touching of the Nora, but a nice short chat with her assistant, who has a cool celtic tattoo on her wrist. Then I wandered around the tables and tables of authors signing books to find acquaintances from both the AZ RWA and the SD RWA. I found just about everyone. I also met and chatted with Nalini Singh, who writes a variety of things – but I’ve read her rock and roll romances. She’s from New Zealand. I also met and chatted with Susanna Kearsley. She liked my dress. Had her sign a book to my mother and myself. Very cool. Checked out and only spent $150 or so. All proceeds go to literacy efforts. Totally worth it.
Was going to meet up with the ladies for dinner but didn’t hear from them by 7:30 and knew I had to eat, so went to the outside food area called Tequila’s. Sat by myself at the bar and yes, had a margarita. A lady named Laurie joined me. She was the one putting on the movie and I’d seen her in line for the literacy thingy earlier. She was very interesting and we had a lovely chat about lots of things.
After that, I collapsed.
More about Day 2 tomorrow after I live it.