Very busy day. Went to an erotic romance panel, which was interesting. However, the questions from the audience were more about publishing and the career aspects than the genre. Oh well.
Then to a revision workshop with Laurie Campbell, which had some useful points but was kind of boring. Then lunch, which was amazing. All of the conference attendees were there, all 2000 of them. The ballroom was huge. Pretty lights, a stage, and a good speaker. After lunch, I attended a lecture on Chemistry, which was very good except for the hotel turned on the stereo in the room and the speaker had to shout for about 20 minutes. Then I went to what I thought was going to be a world building lecture but it turned out to be about setting and research, but the speaker reminded me of my mother. She talked about ranching and horses. It was good.
Then break – and I absolutely needed it. Took a nap. And dinner at the Harbor House with the RWA Tucson group. That was fun because I got to know my chaptermates a little better and have a drink of champagne, which always makes things better. The food was excellent.
Then home to bed.
Not as busy today (Friday). Hoping to have enough steam left this evening to see The Heart, Dale and Cindy’s band. More tomorrow!