Friday, July 15, 2016
So the day started early with a 5:45 am get up and sign on to try to get tickets to see Felicia Day at Nerd HQ at Comic Con in SD. I got a button, it was green, but by the time I clicked on it – maybe 10 seconds, the event was sold out.
7am – trying to get Supernatural Tickets, same place. Didn’t even get a button. Sold Out.
Nathan Fillion tickets are “on sale” Monday but I suspect I won’t even get the page to load. Fuckers.
Such is life – will just have to continue to cyber stalk.
Anyway, went down to breakfast, ate, and decided I didn’t want to wait for the speaker. I am a little over-peopled at the moment. So I went back to the room and wrote. Because that’s what writers do. Or so I’ve heard.
Went to a Nora Roberts chat and then I was free (after deciding to blow off more lectures) until 3 pm, so I had lunch at a lovely Thai place (Lotus Thai) with N. She was kind enough to pick me up and drop me off. Very fun to see my friends.
Went to my 3 pm thing with Michael Hague. Sat with my friend Rachel D. and saw new and old friends Claire Marti, Marie Andreas, and Janet Tate but didn’t get to speak to them. Boy that was a long lecture. Really good, but really long.
Blew off my next things and took a nap.
Made myself get up and go have dinner at Whiskey Girl, where I saw Dale and Cindy (The Heart). I’d never seen them play as a duo before. Fun.
In looking up The Heart website just now, it’s on Gig Masters – and how cool is that?
Anyway – returned to hotel after the first set because my energy ran out. And then read for another hour or two (silly me). Reading Penric and the Shaman.
Final day today (Saturday) for me. I will relate it tomorrow.