July 16, Saturday. Last day of the convention.
I got up early and packed my stuff. I had a full day of lectures planned, and I definitely wanted to see the speaker, Sherry Thomas, at breakfast. Did I mention that Friday at Nora Robert’s panel I sat next to Nalini Singh and had a nice conversation? Anyway, Sherry THomas had a great speech Saturday morning. I sat next to a nice lady from Arkansas who said she’d be happy to email ne anytime to tell me to get my ass in gear and write – which I appreciate. I have her card but can’t think of her name at the moment. It was interesting that everyone would say something like, “Oh this is your first time, how is your conference?” followed by “What do you write?” So I’d say “Yes, my conference has been awesome, thank you. How was yours? And I write urban fantasy and paranormal.” Sometimes, rarely, they’d say, “Oh cool. Are you published?” and sometimes they’d say “Oh. Are you published?” To which I’d say “No, not yet. What do you write?” and the persons who were not enthusiastic about urban fantasy/paranormal invariably said “Contemporary,” which means they wrote normal romance stories set in modern times without anything unnatural or strange. To which I’d say “Oh, I love to read those. I just can’t write them” and we’d be back on an even keel, without the silly yet silent “ewww, you’re one of those people who like vampires and shit.”
Ah well – everyone I met was nice and polite – it could have just been my overwhelm-edness. By Saturday morning I had definitely had enough people.
So – after breakfast, I went to a nice panel on body language – which was just a list of what faces look like when experiencing various emotions, but it was cool. It reminded me of Lie To Me, and in fact the speaker said she used the person who the show was about as a source: Paul Ekman.
After that lecture, I had about 2 hours to blow. I couldn’t hang, so I checked out, put my crap in storage and had lunch. Called K for a fetch, but she wasn’t ready to fetch me, so I read Penric and the Shaman for a bit.
K got me about an hour later and we went to her house and drank. N and S came over and we had some lovely fresh yellowtail that Chang had caught.
Then a nap – or maybe that nap came before N and S arrived. Anyway, we went to see The Thundercock band at the Blarney Stone. They sucked. Sorry – Odell is awesome and he sounded great, its just the singer couldn’t stay in tune to save his life. So “B” for effort.
All in all, a good time and a long lovely week at the convention.