Sunday July 17
Went to Ocean Beach and had breakfast at Shades, which is closing on Sept. 5th after some tens of years (I don’t remember what the notice said). Anyway, Shades is on Abbott road, just East of the Life Guard building, so you can see the pier and surfers from the windows. It has tasty food and good drinks.
Then we went to look at the tide pools on the other side of the pier, which K had never seen. And of course the tide was in, so she still didn’t see them, but now she knows where they are. I could hang out there all day (and might go there today). Anyway, returned to D/K’s house and played World of Warcraft and had a nap. A lovely relaxing day.

Monday, July 18
Got up early with the intent to walk and then go for a walk with N, but managed to go for a walk with N in her neighborhood. Nice houses. It was good to catch up with her. Then back to the house, play some WOW and read. All day. Reading all day is a favorite pass time of mine, which doesn’t happen much now that I am an adult. (Shhh – don’t believe that shit.) Went to eat that night with D/K at the Lafayette Hotel, which was awesome as usual. I read (just for the record) Comfortably Numb by Deborah Grabien. An enjoyable book about the Blacklight band – superstars of the rock n’ roll world.