Tuesday, July 19.
At D/K’s house. They went to work and I decided I needed to see Sunset Cliffs with my camera. I got some good shots. There was a marine layer, so the light was not the best. The ocean was not very lively and the surfers didn’t seem enthusiastic. I’m not sure surfers are ever enthusiastic; a very laid back bunch. Saw two crabs fighting. The winner dragged the loser into a crevice, where I assume he/she was consumed. Circle of life and all that. Sat on a cliff and communed with the ocean. It was everything I wanted it to be.
Returned to the house and discovered a large update to WOW (my game) and that took forever. Went to meet LaDona for lunch. LaDona is a friend from Flagstaff who I haven’t seen in close to 30 years. She’s awesome and doing well. She has a new 2016 Corvette Stingray that is just plain sexy. We had lunch at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, a place I’d been to a few times before. Good food. Good conversation. Fun to catch up on old things like the band we had in common (Something Blue). I hope she can catch us up later this weekend for I want her to meet the rest of my SD folks.
After D/K got back from work, K wanted to dye her hair blue and green, so we did that. My hair is not yet fully white, so no dye jobs for me. It’s a thing. I am definitely a WYSIWIG person. Ellie Mae got in touch with K at work. Evidently Cos wants to come visit next week. We called him and told him to come visit this week while all the rest of his KE fam was around. He said he’d get back to us on that – so I expect that’s a no. Had a lovely text chat with Clint (Hi Clint!).