Wednesday July 20
Well, technically the Con starts Wednesday evening with the preview action in the main exhibition hall – but seeing as I don’t have tickets, Preview Night is not applicable. I’ve seen posts from some of my author friends about already being at the Con and having fun.
So, Wednesday. Went for a walk, worked on revising my story, dealt with WOW updates (the game was completely reset so all of my character’s stats had to be redone – quelle merde). Anyway, K came home from work early and we went to the mall for some shopping therapy. I got a Supernatural t-shirt and new tennis shoes. Napped. Brother Eoin came down from Long Beach after work and we went to see Old Stormy at the Blarney Stone. Old Stormy turns out to be one guy who refused to give his name, just went by Old Stormy – even though he wasn’t old. He was a good entertainer though and played a lot of audience participation songs. If he could just replace the singer from The Thundercock – there’d be a hot band. Anyway, he had quite the following with the regulars following along, yelling out, and doing movements. Very fun and funny. Good crowd for a Wednesday night. Chang showed up late, but at least he showed up. He looked tired. Some other friend of D/K’s was supposed to come but bowed out at the last minute. D stayed home because he had to work Thursday – poor baby 😉

Off to Comic Con today (Thursday). A report, hopefully, about that tomorrow morning before I get up and do it again (see if I don’t)!