Thursday, July 21
I’m not sure how the day started but we went to the banks and then took an Uber down to the trolley station where we caught a mildly full trolley to the Con. Then we went to have a drink and a potty-potty (as K calls it) at one of the bars near the trolley station. Then off to Nerd HQ. We were all pre-registered so we got right in with our non-removable wristbands. We had our pictures taken for Operation Smile and I bought a t-shirt. Then Eoin and I stood in line on the upper floor – for way too long – to see a VR demo. I bailed before I got in and caught up with K downstairs at the cereal bar. We saw Zachary Levi arrive for his panel. We had stopped to check out the 3-D printer when one of the staff said “Hey, want to go to Zach’s panel? $20” and we said “Hell yes” so we left Eoin in VR land while we went to see the panel. Zachary Levi was interesting, funny, and unexpectedly religious. The first question, which we think may have been planted, was about when he found God. He said he found religion at 18 (in a long story). Anyway, good for him and all that – totally not what I expected. But it was a good panel and he’s very enthusiastic about Nerd HQ and Operation Smile and all of his fundraising/awareness-raising projects.
After that we meet Eoin outside and we had lunch at the Horton Grand Hotel – which is very nice. The food was good and the place was quiet with not many people. After lunch it was off to see what else was out there. We ended up in the line for the Timeless (new TV show) experience, which included a picture and a whirly ride. K wasn’t feeling well, so she went home. I skipped the whirly ride because I get motion sickness.
Then it was off to the Hilton to find a water, a potty-potty, and an adult beverage. We found a couch across from the Starshine Enterprise shoe shining place, home of Captain Kirk Shoe Shine. The guy who shined the shoes looked like a wider Captain Kirk. Fun. After that break we walked around the ConX, which is where all the TV networks were set up, and past the Adult Swim event, around the back of the convention center and back to the trolley and home.
We had pizza that night and watched a few episodes of Limitless, which I quite enjoyed. I’ll have to track that down when I return to my solitude.
Today we are back to the Con, and then maybe back home for a nap, and then back to the Gaslamp area for a band. At least, that’s the plan. More soon.