Friday, July 22
A full day, and again, I don’t remember exactly how it started but we ended up at the Con, with D this time. Went to Nerd HQ. K and I didn’t want to go in, so we stood in line for a Star Trek thing that turned out to be a make-up station that wanted credit cards, so we went to Nerd HQ. Then off to meet the Kellys and their friend Tina at the Stout House – which seemed like a really long walk. Stopped at another Star Trek thing, this one an art show. Very cool. The artists were there signing and selling posters but I couldn’t talk myself into purchasing anything.
Stout House was as good as always.
Then it was off to Henry’s Pub, which had turned into a Game of Thrones thingy (basically it had cool house flags and the bartenders/wait staff wore GOT shirts).
Then to L street to see the wall of GOT faces – but there was a huge line. So Petco, and there was a huge line. By that time, I had been peopled out and my tongue was getting sharp. I wasn’t in a particularly bad mood, just snippy – which meant that it was time for nap. So K, D, and I bailed. Eoin stayed with Tina and the Kellys for a while. I heard later that Tina bailed and the Kellys went into the Con (as they have tickets).
Mass napping and then I was ready to go back to the Gaslamp to get ready for seeing The Fooks at The Field. Everyone bailed except for Eoin (who stayed down there the whole time). We had dinner at Whiskey Girl and listed to Dale and Cindy, then Chang responded to a text I sent earlier and he joined us at The Field.
The Fooks were awesome. Gilly is back playing guitar and the energy level has increased greatly. Good times. Lots of people, obviously. Met a nice Irish guy, from Northern Ireland, and his wife, from Texas. His name was Paul and I didn’t catch her name, but both very nice. Also met an Irish guy from Kilkenny named Whitney. He said he hadn’t met anyone with that last name before. Eoin met some guys from Switzerland. There was a whole Northern Irish contingency there getting rowdy.
Taxied home and am off to the beach today (kinda Conned out at the moment).