It didn’t happen. I thought it would, but it didn’t. We did not go to Comic Con on Saturday. Instead, we got up late and went for brunch at The Draft in Mission Beach and I put my feet in the ocean (always a goal of mine).
After that, we saw the new Star Trek movie (Star Trek Beyond). I liked it. It had good special effects that I’m sure were awesome in 3D, but we saw it in 2D. The cinematography was a little spiny at times, and I had a moment or two of vertigo. I’ll have to see it again so that I can follow the story more closely, which is the case for me with most of the new Star Trek movies. “Action packed” to say the least.
For dinner, we ended up at both Dickey’s Barbeque and the vegetarian place next door. I had vegetarian and it was not exactly what I wanted. I had a taste for a specific food or flavor of food and I thought that’s what I would get, but they were out and so I ended up with a substitute, which was good, but it just wasn’t what I wanted/craved, so it was frustrating. Maybe in a different situation it would have been exactly what I wanted. I don’t know – a good experience but not a fulfilling one?
Another lesson in not having expectations perhaps?
We saw The Fooks at the Blarney Stone (across the street from dinner) and Chang joined us, also a new friend (new to me), Snori (his SCA name). The band was good but not as together as the night before. The guitarist (Gilly) has a new girlfriend (Melissa? Jessica?) and I think he was more interested in her than in playing. And of course, they were louder than necessary. Mama Fook wasn’t there to keep them in line. Good times anyway.
Today (Sunday) it’s all over. The end of the vacation. N/S are off to Sunday Comic Con and D/K to recover, Eoin to home, and I’m returning to the desert. It was a lovely vacation and I wish I could stay longer. OCEAN, sigh. Anyway, thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.