As the song goes, “Well, I’m back in the saddle again”
Let’s see if I can stay there.
100 words in 100 days (I know I will miss some this week as I am going to a medieval-ish camping event in Queen Creek AZ on Thursday afternoon through Sunday).

I have a friend who feels marginalized by her situation, and as a response she takes on everything project she can just to prove that she’s worthwhile, she can do it, she’s someone of importance. Or maybe it’s because she’s nuts and this is her element. She enjoys stress, perhaps. I don’t like stress. And then she tells people that she’s overwhelmed, seeking comfort from the social media masses, who of course, reply with the obligatory, “oh you poor baby. How horrible that no one is helping out.” People want to help. People offer to help. Help is often turned down. I don’t offer to help too often. I wouldn’t want to take that joyful frustration from her. She allows me to help, a little, sometimes. I guess she doesn’t want my help specifically because I’ll take over – and well, there’s the control issue. I have it, she has it. It’s a wonder that we’re friends at all, being two dogs pulling at the same chew toy. I let go of my end and then I find it in my mouth again. So I let go again. Is it the chew toy or is it me?
Am I marginalized? Do I feel marginalized? Why would that bother me? I have no need to be in the spotlight or to have my ego stroked. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone but myself. I know I’m not important. Maybe I am crazy though. Hmmm, something to ponder.
Regardless, she’s still my friend and I’ll keep offering assistance on occasion, when I’m not lazy or when she hasn’t stressed me out too much.
Ah look – I have a chew toy in my mouth again.