Day 2 100 words (98 days to go)

Paths are straight, short, paved with paving stones (go figure), short-cuts from point a to point b, sometimes twisty and turn-y if they have to bypass something like a hillock or the neighbor’s yard. Sometimes they are not paved and are bumpy, rutted, or muddy. Paths can be uphill or downhill, along the road or along the creek, or to the creek even. They split at unexpected times and are used by creatures on two and four legs, or no legs at all. Most don’t have names, but sometimes there are signs pointing the direction. Sometimes they have numerical designations and are called “trails” by a governing body that wants to impose rule upon them. They intersect and diverge. They have names like “garden path,” “bridle path,” and “beaten path.” Sometimes you want to be on them and sometimes you don’t – depending on the connotation. They are beautiful and they are plain. They are mysterious, and when you get to choose your own – great things and terrible things may happen, but you can be assured – things will happen.