About to leave for work, you notice an eviction notice shoved under your apartment door – as if by magic. The complex is being demolished and you have a week to move. A spike of panic makes you look around at the life you’ve had for the past several years as evidenced by the mess and clutter piled up. Maybe a move would shake you out of your rut, but a week? That’s a short time to prepare for a change.
At work, you ask around and one of your coworkers happens to have a room for rent in his house. It’s in a posh neighborhood, which would be an improvement over your current location. You’d have your own bathroom, and share a kitchen and laundry with Sam and two others. Although you don’t know him well, Sam seems like a nice enough guy. You could have a pet if you wanted, because there is a large backyard that has a pool.
On the bulletin board, there is an ad for a single-wide mobile home on the outskirts of town. It has a small yard and a washer/dryer and is on a private road, backing the forest. Pets are welcome. You wouldn’t have any upstairs neighbors clomping around or singing arias at 3:00 a.m.
The rent for both options is the same, and both are less than what you are currently paying.
Do you go for the big posh house with roommates or do you go for the small private trailer?