Not quite believing your situation, you do not make a decision just yet, but work out the rest of the day and return home, laden with boxes to start your moving adventure. You see other residents toting boxes and furniture and one already pulling away in a U-Haul. Reassured that you’re not alone in this predicament, you start with the easy stuff – books. Books fit into boxes nicely and most of them you want to keep, so no hard decisions. Yet. Dishes next. You don’t actually have many, so that’s easy. You’ll eat take out for the rest of the week (which is actually not very different from any other week). Computer stuff. That’s harder since you still want access to your MMORPG and the internet. You get caught up in your game and the next day finds you back at work without having made much progress in packing or finding a place to live. You have six days left, right? No biggie.
Sam, owner of the large house in the posh neighborhood, says “I don’t want to pressure you, but one of my other housemates has a friend in need of a place to stay also. I told him I offered it to you first. What do you think?”