The days are starting to pass you, faster than expected. Packing the apartment before and after work makes you exhausted, and the uncertainty of where you’ll be living and the actual moving of your items from point a to point b is giving you a headache.
After Sam asked for your decision, you call the contact number listed for the single-wide trailer to see if it is still available.
“Crystal Dreams, how may I help you?”
You ask about the home, and at first the girl who answered the phone has no idea. She puts you on hold. The hold music is some sort of soft Celtic-sounding drone, which almost puts you to sleep. Finally, someone gets back on the phone.
You ask about the single-wide trailer.
The person on the phone, not the same cheerful voice that first answered, but someone else – hard to tell if male or female – with a deeper voice and slight accent, tells you that the trailer is tentatively rented out, pending receipt of money and a signed lease, but it is still available until that time. “You got the money, I’ve got the property.” Do you want to see the property?