I love Fridays. When Friday comes along, it means I made it through another week of work (which has been boring) and waiting for my love (which has been frustrating). Friday gives me a chance to take a deep breath and assess how productive I’ve been in the past week (not at all, usually) and relax because my weekend is so much more fun.
Is that my job’s fault? Nope. It’s mine. It’s my attitude. Boring is an attitude, as is frustration. Attitudes can be changed with self-awareness and some work.
I’m not afraid of work, but I am lazy. There’s that Resistance thing again.
This morning, whilst lazing in bed prior to my alarm going off, I had a wishful vision. I wished to create, with my partner, a lovely company – which we’d call C.A.B. Media – that creates choose your own adventure and interactive fiction games. The company blossomed into a big thing, where we had our own office and employees, and a Japanese anime company interested in taking us over or working on a joint venture. Then Pixar and Blizzard wanted to get a piece of the action. We’d hired our talented friends on this new and successful venture. We were having a cool get to meet you/celebration of success conference in San Diego (because LA is too impersonal). Sigh. It was a good fantasy.
Do I want to do CYOA and Interactive Fiction? Yes.
Do I want my own creative company? Yeah, that’d be cool.
Am I willing to work to make it happen? See answer above.

You can do it. I believe in you. Go forth and create!
Resist the Resistance!