So I missed yesterday because the day was full. Here’s what I did:
After having a breakfast of left-over Mexican food from La Fonda, which was tasty, we motivated to go to Tuzigoot National Monument in Camp Verde. We’d been to most of the other indigenous ruins in the area (Wupatki, Walnut Canyon, Montezuma’s Castle and Well), so it was time to see this one.
The day was bright, blue, beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. The drive down through Oak Creek Canyon was lovely – most cars and land barges were headed north. They’d probably hidden out down below the snow line (Thursday night there’d been a storm and i-17 north had been a small challenge. The snow hadn’t stuck though – just wet road way and falling flakes. Drivers freaked of course).
Sedona looked inviting as usual, but we passed through and went to Cottonwood/Clarkdale area to Tuzigoot – a complex of Sinagua ruins that had been rebuilt from the rubble. It looks impressive, from afar, sitting atop a hill over looking the green cottonwood tress and the Verde river. It was okay up close. The other local ruins seemed much more genuine with less obvious repair. I think because this one was out in the open and accessible to everyone, as the others were not, it probably had taken the brunt of the curious and had been vandalized (not maliciously maybe). It does have a cool tower.
After Tuzigoot, we had Mexican food again in Clarkdale at Su Casa. It was good. The table next to us had three women, one giving a tarot reading to the others. Kinda neat.
After lunch we went to the Verde Canyon Railroad.
I had thought that the train actually went from Camp Verde east toward the White Mountains, but it runs from Clarkdale to the west through Verde Valley past Sycamore Canyon to Perkinsville (which is not a town, but some ranch in the middle of no where) and back.
We had a VIP pass, so our seats were in the Wickenburg car. I’d made the mistake (?) of mentioning on the online reservation that it was CWB’s birthday (which it had been on Wednesday and this train trip was a part of CWB’s birthday present) – so they made CWB get up and everyone sang Happy Birthday. They served champagne to everyone old enough to drink (not because of the birthday, but just because), and had a nice spread of lunch stuffs – which we didn’t eat because we’d just had Mexican food. If I’d planned it better – ah well.
Next to our car was an open air car with a canopy where one could stand or sit and see the sights. Although we had great seats inside, we spent a good deal of time outside as well.
The train travels along the Verde river and the views are amazing. We saw a young bald eagle up close and later, one flying.
The trip took three hours? I guess. All afternoon. They served alcohol for purchase in the VIP car, so we had margaritas. CWB loved it and so we are planning to do the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon one of these days (a smidgen more expensive – and I don’t think it has the open air car).
After the train, although we were both tired, we went to Jerome and found the lovely chocolate salted caramel fudge we’d had before. We didn’t catch a band, but had dinner at a nice pizza place and drove home. And collapsed, because that’s what you do when you’re old now. 😉