Behind already, but not surprising.
After our adventure with the train in Verde Valley, Saturday we stayed home and played World of Warcraft all day. Lazy? Yes. Needed? Yes. We reached level 60 and were able to get flying mounts. Yippee.
Sunday I had trouble getting out of bed and we just hung out until I had to drive back to my work-week home. Driving in Phoenix on the freeways is still horrible – even on a Sunday.
I listened to Naked in Death, by J.D. Robb on the way, which made the trip faster. I think there had been some talk or a rumor about making that series into a movie or maybe someone just asked the author (Nora) who she’d cast as Eve or Rourke. In thinking about that, I think that the TV show Castle could have come from this series. Rourke is no Rick Castle and Rick Castle is definitely not Rourke, but the two protagonists, Eve Dallas and Kate Beckett, are similar. I wonder who did the novelizations of Rick Castle’s books – I think that, from the one I read, it could have been J.D. Robb. I remember the show having a memorial listing at one point because its main writer had passed away, but I guess that could have been just for the show.

96 and 95 to follow today, since I have two days to catch up on.