So there’s Abby DesRosiers (DesRosiers wasn’t her original last name but until I look at the actual file about this story, I won’t know what it was). She’s in her mid-to-late 20s and has lost both of her parents (her father is missing). She’s single and running a winery in the Santa Ynez Valley, CA. The nearest town is Santa Ynez, where her bff Dani lives. She has hired a local artist, among others, to help her refurbish the winery (Dude – who is a surfer type dude but I don’t remember his name).
Dani, short for Danielle but it has been changed to Dandelion, has a new age bookstore and sells crystals. Dani and Dude are an item.
Winery competition guy, who ends up being called Riley but his given name is something else. Irish. He’s from a big winery in Napa, expanding into the SYV, and wants to buy out the vulnerable Rose Tree winery (not the original name of the winery either).
Mrs. Aimes
George Jr (Abby’s dad)
George Jr’s brother? Seems like he had a brother who was shady/Abby has a shady uncle.
The foreman at Rose Tree and his wife(?)

Maybe I need to find where I stored this story and review it.
In general, Abby is a nurturer type. Riley is a chief type. Dude is a charmer. Dani is a free spirit. The villain is, well, a villain – out for revenge (In the link above, I noticed that “The Seductress” was renamed “The Survivor.” Ah well.)
Set up
Abby’s dad, who ran the winery, is missing. Abby has to step in and take over or loose everything. She’s young and not well regarded by the other wineries in the area because she hasn’t gotten a degree from a prestigious university, but she does have a business degree and she grew up making wine and in the wine business. Her material goal is to run the winery successfully. Her internal goal is to make her father (or her father’s memory) proud. She’s head of the household now and has taken on all the responsibilities. Luckily, she’s the only one in her household – other than her employees.
What would illustrate successfully running a winery? Winning a wine-making competition? Getting a shipment out and selling to a new place? Gaining the respect of the other wineries?
What would illustrate having her father being proud of her? Any of the above and then doing it again? Pride is weird.
What does she need to learn? At first she’s mourning and determined and banging her head against the wall? Does she need to learn how to accept help (even if that help comes in the form of a buy-out from a bigger winery)? Does she need to learn that ego and pride are bad and love conquers all? Does she need to learn to let go of the past in order to move on to the future?

So – the villain wants revenge for something that happened in the past – so the villain will fail because the villain cannot give up the past. Abby will win because Abby can give up the past (her missing father?).