So, I’m a little distracted today. I have a medical test and I keep bouncing between being freaked out by it to being calm. It’s not a big deal. No one is going to hurt me and it will be good to know the results. But at the moment, I’m back to being freaked out.

Here’s a link to what a Witch Bottle is. It will obviously be used in the story.
Sometime when I was living in San Diego, I came across an article (maybe it was from my parents’ house – they get cool magazines) that talked about a Witch Bottle and that made me thing about wine bottles and witches. And, while in San Diego I frequently went to Santa Ynez Valley with my brother and his lady to taste wine. They are both huge fans of wine. So I did some research on wine making and wine makers (which I will have to refresh my memory about because, as K says often “I’ve had a drink and a nap since then.”).
My tastes in wine have changed from the buttery chardonnay that my mother prefers to the chewy reds that my father prefers. My current favorite is Apothic Red. I’ve recently tried the Apothic Dark and didn’t like it as much.
Another favorite is the zinfandel wines from Michael David Winery, in Lodi CA. The most available of that line is the Seven Deadly Zins, but they are all good. I like Lust. (I lust for Lust? and Lust loves me).
And of course, the sad part is that I really don’t drink much any more so about a glass will do me for a long time (leaving 3 more glasses in the bottle to go to waste). Sigh.
I think maybe I’ll have to find a restaurant tonight or this weekend so I can have just a glass.

Cheers! Happy Friday!