Well, I guess I have trouble writing on the weekends. Friday’s medical adventure went well enough, I guess. I am in no hurry to do that again. Results will be discussed with me at some point in the future I guess.
Saturday, we drove around town and went to antique stores to look for art deco rings. Found a few, nothing that stood out as amazing and nothing quite suitable. But boy did we see a lot of antiques.
Saturday night we watched Passengers.
From the trailer, I expected a romance/thriller with two passengers stuck on the ship that was going to crash falling in love and the sacrificing in order to survive. I wasn’t sure if there would be a happy ending or not. But I expected a romance and explosions.

Spoiler Alert – You can stop reading now if you haven’t seen it or if you want to see it, because after this, I’m going to sharpen my writer’s claws on it.

In a phrase: Stockholm Syndrome.
Due to a malfunction of the spaceship, which “wouldn’t happen,” Chris Pratt’s character is the only one awakened on a voyage between worlds. He has 90 more years to go until he lands, and being a normal human being with a 2017 life span, he’s not going to live to see it. The only other character on board is the android bartender. The android bartender is the only one with personality and the only robotic servant that has a human face (why don’t the food servers have faces?). He tries unsuccessfully to get into the crew’s restricted areas (where they are all asleep) and the command center. He hacks into a suite, so at least he has a larger place to sleep – but he still can only access the plain food (not the VIP food). He gets depressed and things about suicide. So he almost goes out the airlock without a suit. Hello? Where is the fail safe on that?
He visits the other pods where 4999 people are sleeping. He finds a cute blonde girl and accesses her record and reads all about her. He falls in love, or lust, or something.
He says “I can’t wake her up – it’s still 89 or 88 years until we land. Oh but she’s perfect for me.”
So he wakes her up.
And he doesn’t tell her that he woke her up.
So – sympathetic character? No. Did the script writer have to wake her up to have a story? I guess. Either that or he (the character) could have created someone just like her – requiring programming skill, which I guess he doesn’t have, although he does reprogram a little robot. He’s a mechanic. And as far as I can see, not a good one.
She, on the other hand, is completely useless. She’s a writer/journalist. She’s never written about her self. She’s on this trip to go live a year in the new colony and then she’s going to spend 120 years sleeping to go back to Earth, and she’s going to write about that. She has no colony-needed survival skills. She’s just a passenger on a trip.
He, when asked, doesn’t have a good reason for going to the colony – other than “it’s new.”

Enter possibilities. Lots of possibilities for turning this into a horror story (which I’ll go into next).

Part 2 later.