Yes! Behind by 6.
81 days left of waiting.
Okay, I can do this. Man, I hate waiting. Did I mention that? Actually, I think that is a universal dislike. Waiting is tedious and frustrating. I’ve done a lot of doctor’s office waiting room waiting lately and a lot of doctor’s office in-the-room waiting and I am lucky that I can amuse myself. I am happy I have Kindle on my phone.

This morning’s musing, between my housemate’s three alarms (3:15, 3:30, and 3:45) and my own alarm (4:45), was about the road to hell.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The road to hell is paved with might-have-beens.

Mix the might-have-beens and the good intentions together with some of that smelly macadam and tar concoction and the road starts out smooth and flat; only a few potholes, ruts, and bumps. It then starts a gentle decline and twists and turns appear, but they’re exciting. The road gets smoother and the posted speed limit increases until there is no speed limit. It becomes straight and easy. The decline increases to almost 90 degrees and once there, drops straight into a pit where the landing is generally hard. Things explode, pieces flying everywhere. The pit is hot or cold, opposite of what the vehicle/driver wants most.

The road to redemption starts before that 90 degree drop and it is rough going up the twists and turns to that flat stretch that has fewer potholes. Once past the flat stretch, the road never really smooths out though. Potholes, ruts, bumps still happen. But it is a hard road. I think it rises but there are no turnings, so it is a long haul. Then it rises straight up, or so I’ve heard. I’ve never made it that far on that road; my vehicle has always faltered.

We spirits possess the willing vehicle and take it on that eternal road either up or down. That’s our job. It’s a good thing I like the road trips.