The trouble with relating an idea that isn’t fully formed is that, well, it’s incomplete.

“Done with your rounds already?” the chef’s voice called out to Bryden as he entered the mess. At his grunt, she poked her head out of the pantry and squinted at him. Her graying red hair, tied back in a bun as usual, had a few loose strands. She swiped at them with her cloth, leaving a streak of flour on her cheek.
He ignored her and slumped down at a table, starring moodily at the.
She brought him a cup of hot stimulant.
“World’s got to go on, kid.”
“Have you seen Janeel?” he asked, getting up instead of indulging in her obvious wish to mother him.
“She’s going through the Captain’s cabin. I told her it was too soon, but she insisted that his things be recycled for the community.”
He grunted again at this and put his cup down hard, striding off to prevent his annoying sibling from destroying his childhood memories.