There are 75 days, or two months and 14 days, until a welcome and needed change happens in my life.
As I have working toward writing for those 100 days (started back in the end of March), I have fallen behind. I don’t write on the weekends and some week nights. No excuses.

Friday was Good Friday – and I think, at least in looking back based on what happened on Sunday evening, it shall be renamed for this year “Thief Friday.”
I got paid on Friday.
Sometime that day or the day/week before, I had my debit card number and pin lifted. I suspect it was from the Walmart Market (which I don’t frequent and will never go to again) I used. That day, Good Thief Friday, the person went to Albertsons and bought groceries. I went out of town. Sunday, the person went to the movies on my dime. I logged in to my bank to pay bills. Easter or not, the bills must be paid. The person (second person after explaining it twice and holding for way too long) at the bank said the bank would fix it, I have to get a new card in person at a physical bank or wait for 7 to 10 days for one to come in the mail, and have a Happy Easter.
(Otherwise, my weekend was lovely. Deviled Eggs, Bloody Marys, and CWB – perfect).
I assume it was someone young. People after a certain age (I think), if they are desperate enough to steal, wouldn’t waste money on going to the cinema. So I expect it was some young guy trying to impress his new girlfriend by providing a movie. Maybe impress his mom by buying groceries for once.
Or maybe it was a young mom, buying groceries and taking her three kids by three different fathers out to an Easter movie treat.

So – story idea.
Heroine works hard and saves money to purchase or make some magical wonderful item to give to some high mucky muck to impress him/her during some local holiday. Let’s say a golden egg. Thief, a younger girl, steals said egg and sells it – not knowing its magical properties – to some unscrupulous trader, who takes it out of the area. Young thief then provides a proper holiday celebration for her family and thinks nothing more of it – going back to her job as cook or whatever (with occasional side thefts when called for). Heroine – unable to impress the high mucky muck, is not awarded the job/title she sought which would allow her to go be with her lover (who lives in the big city), and is stuck doing the menial work she sought to escape from. She also, in a fit of temper, offends her lover accidentally and so she’s scared she won’t escape her crappy life – which is not so different than the thief’s. Lover eventually is lost to a rival?
Heroine is loaned item, and then item is stolen. etc.
So, Heroine, having a short temper and full of stress, vows to track down the item and get revenge against the thief. So, the hero goes to extremes (He Who Fights Monsters) and becomes an even worse (better at it) thief and villain than the original. Heroine cracks.
And then redeems herself and wins lover back? Or, just becomes a villain. Maybe even a cool, love to hate her, villain.