Last night I dreamed I was an artist and painted southwestern landscapes on large canvases, and then I did odd multimedia things to them, such as layering and lacquering the paintings (making them more three dimensional I guess), and putting holes in them, so exterior light could shine through. I’m talking wall-sized canvases in pastel, painted desert colors. It was cool.
So of course, this morning when I saw the rising sunlight hitting the mountains and tracing out their curves, I really wanted to paint.
Unfortunately, I sit at a desk all day and I can get away with writing because people expect me to do some typing. I don’t think they’d let me whip out my oil paints, or even my pastel paints, and whip up a canvas. Oil paints are exceedingly stinky.
I could try to make digital artwork, but again, if someone walks past and sees a document open they might think I’m actually working. If they see Sumopaint or some such program open, they’d know I wasn’t working.
Today I’m all for not working, but I have to appear to be working so they continue to pay me (smirk).

May your goof-offs today be unnoticeable yet productive and fulfilling.