So what if a character is blessed with magical abilities and he/she can only keep those magical abilities as long as he/she stays on the path of righteousness (whatever that might mean) – don’t eat meat, don’t kill things, whatever.
And of course the character is tempted, sorely tempted, to break those vows. And does, and then has to either face the consequences (a failed saint) and move on without the magic powers or be redeemed in some manner. If the failed saint thing happens, maybe the character goes on to become a truly evil villain (which might be fun) or some humble no body.
I’m sure this isn’t an original idea, but it intrigues me at the moment.
I spent some time at TV Tropes (a wonderful site) but didn’t find exactly what I’m looking for.
I’ve long had an idea for a failed hero or a national hero who was seen to have failed at the very last moment by the media and is so now seen as the villain. Also a redemption story. Must be the season or something for me to think about redemption stories. Hero would of course have to take on a real villain (and win) and change the media’s mind about what villainy is.
Or maybe he was a villain, and was punished, and over time he changed, and now is forced to be a hero. And no one thinks he can be a hero because they think he’s still a villain.