When does self-confidence spill over into ego? I know having an ego is a natural thing but when is it too much?
Forbes has addressed this topic.
I have recently thought that the examples of poor behavior as it relates to ego have been a hint for me, from the Universe, to pay attention and not to be that way. Because, in the past, I have had an inflated view of myself and have behaved poorly toward others; for which I am very sorry. Karma, as a friend says, will come and bite you in the butt.
My butt has been recently bitten and I think perhaps I’ve developed an infection from it. It makes me sick in a heart-broken way.
I guess maybe I’m grieving for the loss of something I put 20+ years into and a huge amount of money. And I don’t care about the money or the material things that I’ve lost with this change/break-up/what-have-you, but when tallying up the “oh and I did this” in my refection – which I do as some mistaken effort to feel better (which is actually self-abuse) – the money/items/effort topic comes up.
So acknowledging that I’ve fucked up and this heartbreak is probably a result of my fuck up is the first step in getting over it. Right?
I’m still sick about the whole topic and I wish the person with the ego would … No, actually I don’t. Karma will come to them or it won’t. If they’re happy, well, good for them. I can’t feel what they feel, think what they think. I can only feel what I feel and think what I think (mistaken or not).
This adulting stuff is crap.
So, today’s Hazelden Betty Ford note of encouragement (I have the website saved and look at it when I need encouragement) is about grief.
See – the Universe is talking to me. And I’m sorry for my friends who will have to hear me whine about this for a while longer. I will get over it, I promise.