Endurance is the power of bearing pain, hardships, etc. according to Dictionary.com. It’s sister site, Thesaurus.com, lists “stamina, tolerance, and fortitude” as some of its synonyms.
How does one grow endurance (as if it were a plant – which maybe it is)? Do you water it, feed it, take out and use it like a skill? Is endurance a skill?
Or is it natural ability?
What happens if you don’t have it (skill or ability)? Are you weak, wimpy, a loser?
Here is a link to “Six Greatest Acts of Human Endurance” (is animal endurance different? better?) In this list, I would agree that endurance, regular old “hang in there, chap” endurance, is demonstrated along with extreme stubbornness, luck (both good and bad), and will to live. Also, the subtitle talks about “heroes,” someone who sacrifices him/herself for the greater good. To have endurance mean that you have to sacrifice yourself or that you have to put forth a heroic effort?

Zoë: Do you know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed. You can look it up later.

The reason I wonder this is because I am not sure I have the natural ability, but I think I have the skill. I am not physically able to do many things. I’m lazy and out of shape. But I can endure. I hang tough every day. I wait, in pain more times than not, and I stick. And some days I really want to a rest from that. That stick-to-itiveness. I want to be a full-on slacker, with no guilt (guilt is an important aspect of having run-of-the-mill endurance I think).

(I took a break in the middle of this and now I don’t remember where I was going with this. Sorry).
Heroes, as characters, definitely need to have it – in heroic proportions. No one wants to read about the guy who gave up, because so many people give up. Would it be an interesting story to read about a retired hero who finally gets to rest? TV Tropes has a category called Retired Badass.

Maybe I’ll be one of those.