I apologize for whining in post 74.

Google has a really cool doodle today about that Cassini spacecraft. Cassini was an astronomer who discovered four satellites of Saturn.
I had a friend who worked on the original Cassini mission. He worked at the University of Arizona. What a cool job that would be – watching a spacecraft you helped to design transmit pictures and data back from a world the Earthlings will not reach in my life time.
Saturn has been featured in many science fiction stories. It is also the ruling planet (in astrology) for Capricorn.
The planet was named after the god, Saturn – who in Roman mythology, was the god of sowing (not sewing). In Greek mythology, he was Cronus, the father of the other gods.
One of my astronomy goals is to see the rings of Saturn through a telescope. People claim they can see them with a generic telescope (not a professional one), but maybe my eyes aren’t that good. One of these days, I will stay up late (right CWB?) and look at the stars and rekindle my love of astronomy.

Happy Cassini exploration of Saturn’s rings day!