Before I could do much more than gap at his revelation, the door to our cell opened and the copper-haired tall man gestured for us to come out.
“The town is on fire – you need to get out.”
We followed him out, down a hallway, and past a clerk’s room where I spotted my satchel. I darted in and snatched it up, checking for Tiria’s things as I caught up with the others. The map, letter, and my wife’s – my wife? Lady of Spring Rain save me – I’d married Jeslynn. Weaver Noth had courted her for months before she caught my eye. He ended up marrying the village harridan. No wonder he wanted me out of town. But that meant Som…
“Gestin – come on,” Torgood’s hiss made me realize that I’d stopped and had been starring absently into the satchel.
We came out of the keep and looked down at the town. Many buildings had already been burned and most were in the process of being consumed.
“I don’t think I can pray for the wind to fix this one,” I muttered to Torgood.
The copper-haired man turned to me and said, “You’d better come up with something then, stranger. You’re all we’ve got left.”
He gestured to the center of town, barely visible through the smoke. “We can’t get to the well. That Smat fellow told me you blew the fire back – so I’m hoping you can do it again.”
I looked at Torgood and he nodded confirmation.
“Can I do it from here?” I’m not a coward but the thought of entering another fire – especially now that I’d remembered – did not appeal. But the man lead the way down the hill and Torgood and I followed.
“How did you know I could influence the wind?” I asked Torgood.
“I remembered. You had a cyclone of wind around you when you went into your house to save your family. So I hoped that you’d remember even if you didn’t actually remember.” He thumped me on the back, “And you did.”
We reached the edge of the market and could feel the heat coming off of the fire. The copper-haired man offered us thick leather jerkins, gloves, and some cloth to put over our faces.
“Consider this your parole. If you make it out, Handyman, you can go free – and never return. Stranger, I hope this isn’t a load of mule manure.”
“You and me both,” I answered and wrapped a cloth over my nose.
As we entered the fire’s radius, I heard the roar of the fire elemental. It knew I was there and wanted me.
“You said there were three things you wanted to tell me,” I reminded him. “We are still in mortal danger.”
“Ha, well…”
“I slept with your sister – I mean wife. Shit.” With that exclamation, he fell back, the wind blowing cinders into his face and hair.
My rage tangled with the wind and, yes, I remembered how to control it. I spun the burning bits of buildings around me in a globe and turned to look at Torgood, who lay on the ground – a hand held up to shield his face.
I could kill him. I was ready to kill him, but then I realized that it took two to cuckold a man. Jeslynn my sister wife probably needed some support – weather gods knew I couldn’t have given it to her.
I left him there and went into the flames.