Writers write. That’s what we do. And here I am trying to write something. 100 words in 100 days (give or take 20 days) – Gestin has stopped telling me what’s happening.
So, I found this website, Fantasy Name Generator and it is awesome. It reminds me of Seventh Sanctum. Much love for both of those websites.
Here’s a hand gesture for you:

Raising your left hand with the palm towards your face, two fingers crossed and the other three fully stretched is a gesture that conveys a bond of friendship in the remote village of Safrya.

Safrya? Where is Safrya? There’s a person, according to Google, but not a country. That’s cool. Yes, I’ve gotten some names for the Ding Dong (the Witch is Dead) story from the name generators, but some came right out of my brain. When it was working.
Ah Resistance, you suck.