I changed the name of the blog to “First Draft” for a reason. Yesterday’s episode of Ding Dong (The Witch is Dead) had two ideas tossed into one, which I didn’t realize until I reread it just now.
I will try to fix that in the following posts… just wanted y’all (if anyone happens to be reading) to know that I know. First Draft. Things will change in the final. It’s okay. Btw, the previous (and this) is known as “author intrusion.”
I would also like to note at this point in writing the first draft of Ding Dong that a) this is all “pantsting” (and not “pantsing“) in that, as a “pantser” I am not planning much about this story. I’m just going where it takes me. Yes, I have an idea about somethings, but I have no plan on how to get to those things. It’s all back-brain goodness. B) I hope to make it to the end, but that’s not guaranteed because I don’t know how it ends and I have 38 more “days” to do it in (actually 28 days). C) I am looking forward to editing this and trying to make it work as a real story.
Let me repeat that. I want to edit.