So 18 actual days until change, but 35 more writing days (of 100 words in 100 days). I hope to have a real story grow out of it.
I wanted to take this moment to congratulate Marie Andreas, winner of the 2016-2017 San Diego Book Awards Association’s Published Science Fiction/Fantasy category. Woo hoo!

On a different topic, I drove the LONG way from Flagstaff to Tucson Sunday and it was worth it. Not if you are in a hurry, but…Take I-17 south to Camp Verde. Hop on 260 East, which crawls back up the Mogollon Rim (which you just came off of on I-17 – hey, long drives include back tracking) to Strawberry AZ. You can also take 87 south from Flagstaff, but there was construction and I didn’t think to go that way until Verde Valley. From 260, get on 87 South to Payson. I ran into traffic in Pine, which is just south of Strawberry. Be patient, there are many RVs. Payson was full of people, and but most people were not freeway crazy aggressive. South of Payson the road goes up and down many large hills and still, a lot of RVs on the road, so patience again. I was not in a hurry, so that’s fine. I bailed out at Bush Highway (I forget the road number) – going left (East and then South). That takes you to Saguaro Lake and the area where the Salt River tubing happens. Very pretty – the thing I liked most was the side of the mountain near the lake – very impressive rock face. That road turns into Power Road – which is in Mesa. At the point where you come to first instance of the 202 Loop – Take it. I did not. I took Power all the way south until it ended at Hunt Highway (which was what I wanted, but not very fast).
If you take the first incidence of Loop 202, exit at Ellsworth and take that south. Ellsworth turns into Hunt Highway. Or, get off at 60 and take that to the turn-off for Florence, and go south through Florence.
I got on Hunt Highway and went through San Tan (? not sure the name of the area – it wasn’t Mesa anymore I don’t think). Turned right on Attaway, which I took south to 287(?) which is a quick trip over to the left turn to Coolidge. Follow that road south to i-10. Take i-10 to Tucson.
6 hours instead of 4, but much less traffic and a lot prettier.