Ten more office days – I can’t believe it. Maybe I’ll never be in the office again. What a thought. Eleven? (how does that work if there are two weekend days? Absolute numbers.) So, counting today, there are twelve actual days left before change.
I leaving the story for a moment to write about my weekend adventure. There was a fire (is still as of this writing) northwest of Flagstaff, which caused a great amount of smoke in the city. I can take small amounts of campfire smell and smoke, but not endlessly. That caused a spur of the moment “Hey, let’s go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.” It was too hot to go south – where Phoenix was supposed to hit the mid-100-teens.
I’d been there when I was a young child, so most of it was new. I knew the names of places, but not the actual places. We took 89-A out of Flagstaff through Cameron – where many people turned off to go to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon due to the fire that closed highway 180 – and on through the strange, colored dune landscape and red, orange, and white cliffs of the Vermilion Cliffs. 89-A turned off the main road and we lost most of the traffic (which hadn’t been heavy), which was fun. We stopped at Navajo Bridge and took pictures of the emerald Colorado River and two condors. We did not go down to Lee’s Ferry, but next time we will.
From there, it’s a steady climb up, including twists and turns, to Jacob Lake – which did not appear to have a lake, but Wikipedia says it’s a pond. We went on to the North Rim and had lunch at the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge – which is a very cool rock building with amazing views. We really wanted to stay there, but had already booked a room in Kanab UT. So plans were made to return and stay for a few days so that we could see all of the sights. We could see the fire near Flagstaff from the North Rim.
We hiked a little on the Bright Angel Trail, and then drove north and down from the rim to Fredonia and into Utah and Kanab (which was right across the boarder from Fredonia). CWB was not familiar with the “Freedonia goes to War!” so I put it here for reference.
We ate at Nedra’s Too – a Mexican restaurant next to our hotel, the Redrock Country Inn. Excellent food, but no margaritas – but it was Utah, so no worries. The hotel was cute if a little odd, and the price was right.
A tired night, followed by an early rise and a drive back to Flagstaff on 89 – which took us through Page AZ and Lake Powell. Beautiful scenery with the buttes sticking up out of the shiny water. We paused to take pictures, and then hurried home (where I had laundry to finish and a drive back to Tucson).
An excellent trip that we will take again when there is more time to poke about. Lake Powell is definitely on our list of places to hang out – just not in the summer.