I’m a little stressed today – the day before the big change. The “what ifs” are spinning like a shrapnel whirlwind in my head. Is it excitement or fear? both? Probably both. I want to be there all ready; settled and happy.

Enough of that.
I’ve been reading Chuck Wendig’s The Kick-Ass Writer: 1001 Ways to Write Great Fiction, Get Published, and Earn Your Audience. I find him to be very funny and have laughed aloud many times. The suggestions he offers are not new to me – although I am guilty of ignoring or not applying the good advice offered about several things in my writing having to do with characters and plots and general “penmonkey”-ness. First Draft – the zero draft – the vomit draft. That’s me, that’s this blog. Just write it Pongo. Come on…
The book has a great section on writer’s block, which ends with “if it is depression and not writer’s block – don’t treat it like writer’s block.” I find that to be good advice. I’m not depressed, but I know writers who get that way. I’m stressed – that’s my excuse for not writing at this moment. In the next few moments, my excuse will be that my coworkers have arrived and I have to pretend to be working.

Gestin will have something to say soon, I’m sure. (I hope).

Go forth and conquer, y’all.