I returned to my pallet that evening sore and exhausted. Zat had returned, bringing with him a puff of air.
“A little late, my friend, but much appreciated anyway.” I stroked him and feed him a stick to burn in the fireplace.
The sight of Dreanan at the doorway with a tray of food made me freeze in place. Zat hissed.
“Food, my liege.”
I grunted but didn’t move.
“It’s safe. I’m not going to attack you,” she said, smirking at me.
“Again. You are not going to attack me again.”
“Well maybe you should learn how to defend yourself, Nordling.”
“And you’re the one to teach me?”
She shrugged a shoulder and fluttered her eyelashes. “It has been said that I am a talented Ken-sa.”
I hesitated, really not wanting her in my mind but wanting to learn to defend myself against a similar attack.
“Do all Nord have magic or just some?”
“Just the elite. Magical abilities tend to run in families. And as you are a son of your mother – whose family is widely known to be the most powerful – I expect your powers to be impressive.” As she said that her eyes drifted to my crotch. I put the table between us.
The sound of The Owl clearing his throat made us both jump.
“He has started on the path of the Skahdi this day, Dreanan. He has no energy to spare you this night.”
She smirked at me and said as she passed The Owl, “You’ll have to teach him how to conserve his energy if he is to be my student.”
The Owl smacked her on the bottom. Her laughter followed her down the hallway.
“Student?” he asked, coming in and seating himself at the table. He picked through my food and took the drumstick.
I briefly considered describing what she’d done to me, but embarrassment kept me silent.
“I would like to learn to defend myself from magical attacks as well, Ken-sa.”
“Magical attacks? Is that what the Adnorians call it?” He chuckled.
“Just magic not sex,” I answered, my face growing hot.
“You could learn many things from her, but none that would be more of a distraction than a help at this point.”
“Is there someone else who could teach me?”
“Only follow one master at a time, nephew. Why do you think you’d be under attack magically?”
My stomach clinched.
He looked at me closely when I didn’t answer.
“What else happened to you with that Sentinel?”
“Nothing. I just want to be prepared for anything that comes at me.”
I couldn’t tell if he accepted that or not, but we spoke no more of it then.