A small man with a wide, flat nose and full lips, wearing a helmet and body armor, clamored down from the ceiling.
“Keep the Nord, kill the others,” he said, gesturing with a mace that emitted a light somehow.
The tan men attacked again. One pulled Uri to him, preparing to slit his throat.
“Stop!” I yelled, using my voice. Everyone froze, except the Nord – some of whom gave me startled looks but didn’t waste time. The Owl stabbed the attacker holding Uri and moved the kid out of the way.
“That trick doesn’t work on me, Nord.” The small commander said, swinging his mace at me. I spun out of the way, but it still caught me on the wrist. I responded by elbowing him in the face. He stumbled back, his flat nose flatter. The wind took the roof off of the building, knocking several unseen invaders to the ground – and the effect of my voice wore off.
The Owl signaled that he had the tunnel clear, so I gave him a distraction so that he and the rest of the Loyalists could escape.
“Stop,” I said again, using my voice and hoping that it would only affect the attackers. A few froze, and a few Loyalists. “I am the son of Myrik, King of Adnor. You cannot attack me.”
That caused many fights to stop and allowed many Loyalists to escape down the tunnel.
The small man, wiping blood form his mouth, laughed.
“I don’t care if you’re my son, Nord. Attack!” he commanded again. He followed his own advice and swung at me.
I dodged and spun as I was taught, kicking up dirt in his face, and darted to the wall where my canvas bag lay. Zat, responding to my call, crawled out of its nest and into my hand. It seemed different, but I hadn’t the time to examine it. I tossed him at the small man, who screamed as the fire elemental ignited.
More screams made me look toward the tunnel. The Loyalists and attackers rushed back out of the tunnel as one group followed by a familiar stubby-legged reptile with armored spikes down its back being ridden by a glowing water elemental. It snapped at the nearest person, an attacker, taking his leg off at the knee.
I laughed. Inappropriate and not funny, but I laughed anyway.
My laughter drew its attention and it waddled over to me. Everyone got out of its way. The Owl dispatched the poor injured man and gestured for the Loyalists to escape.
Some brave fool shot at the reptile with a crossbow. I flicked the bolt out of the way.
The reptile snorted, bumping its bloody nose against my knee. The water elemental blew bubbles.
“There’s a river, sort of, to the west of here,” I told it.
The moment of kind greeting was ruined by an attacker trying to skewer the beast. The blade bounced off it’s tough hide. I spun up a dust cloud to hide the animal’s retreat. I sent Zat after it to ensure that no one on the Loyalist side tried to keep it from leaving.
The dust settled and I realized my error.
Strong arms surrounded me and a heavy weight bore me to the ground.
I guess they did take prisoners after all.