My niece decided to have a destination wedding and then two receptions in the states to allow the new couple to meet all of the various family members and friends. The destination was Cancun, Mexico at an all inclusive resort called Moon Palace. Because she is my niece and because I’ve always wanted to go to Cancun, we went – despite the cost. Four nights and five days plus airfare and transportation to and from the airport. “All inclusive” means that all the meals and drinks are paid for. No need to tip, because the tip is included in the price. There would be $750 of resort credit to be used on such things as excursions (trips to tourist things), massage and spa treatments, and golf. We don’t golf, but we were interested in an excursion to Chichen Itza and a cenote and a massage for each of us. $750 should cover that, right?
Tuesday before we left, we finally closed on the home we were purchasing (now known as the GVDW) – so we got our keys about 30 minutes before we left for Tucson. Several hours later, after a crazy rainstorm on the freeway, we arrived at the Four Points Sheratan by the Tucson International Airport, checked in, had an okay margarita and food, and slept before our 6:30 am flight to Denver – Denver, I’ll have you note, is in the opposite direction from Mexico. And we were flying out of Tucson International Airport – International being the key word there – which has daily flights to Mexico, seeing as Mexico is just some 78 or so miles by car to the south. But we flew to Denver and changed planes and flew over Texas and then the Gulf of Mexico to the Yucatan peninsula to Cancun.
As we were deplaning in Cancun, I looked over at the aisle across from us and saw a cousin of my niece, Tracy S. Her mother, Chris S, and her other cousin, David S (different S) and his wife and their baby were also on the plan. We were separated in the enormous line for immigration – where I spotted my brother Y and Deb – in a wheelchair sporting a box labelled “chemotherapy chemicals” – being whisked past to the front of the line. We all met up at the Lomas Travel meeting point for our exclusive private shuttle to the fancy resort. The heat and humidity did not dampen our excitement.
My niece and her fiance were there to meet us at the hotel. We were lead off to a “private” sign in, which had a snack table and waiters who feed us alcohol. We waited ten or twenty minutes to get checked in. Then off to our very nice second floor corner room that had a balcony that opened out on the beach. White marble everywhere, a large jet tub in the room, king-sized bed, and a pillar – which I managed to only stub my toes on twice or three times. The bar had a small fridge stocked with water, juices, soda, and mixers. The mixers went with the four full-sized bottles of booze in the cabinet next to it. All a part of the all-inclusiveness of the place.
We immediately changed into our swim suits, met up with Y and Deb, and went into the ocean. CWB noted that it was like a warm lake – there were no waves (compared to the Pacific Ocean, which has amazing waves). There was a lot of seaweed and it smelled slightly off.
After our dip in the ocean, we went to the poolside cantina and met up with my other brother J and his wife S, and my niece’s father and his family. We snacked there and then went inside to a buffet and had a much larger meal. J had some amazing steak. We separated and went to bed. Day one down.